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Healthy Eating Tips

We all know that healthy eating starts at the grocery store. These quick tips will help you make healthier choices while you are shopping.

1. Eat at Home

If you are trying to maintain a healthy weight and have a trim waistline then avoid eating out. There are many reasons why eating out isn't healthy, the number one being the high cost. Data shows that you can save money by eating at home. Also, home-cooked me are almost always more healthy than eating out. Most foods from restaurants have preservatives and high sodium content which are definitely not the healthiest choices.

2. Avoid Middle Isles

As previously stated, when looking to eat healthier, it is best to avoid foods with high sodium content and preservatives. These items in the grocery store are located in the middle isles of the store (boxed meals, frozen meals, canned goods). Fresh food will always be your best bet when trying to make healthier choices. With that being said, purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season for ripe choices that will last in your refrigerator. If you have to use canned goods, choose items that have less salt or fruits that are not in syrup.

3. Read Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts are your BFF! You can use these facts to pay attention to the content of sodium, fat, sugar, and calories across different brands of the item you are looking to purchase to make a healthier choice. The most important thing to pay attention to is the "Servings Per Container". This is obviously the number of plates each container will serve. Use this number to allow yourself not to overeat or overstuff your plate.

4. Swap for Healthier

One of the easiest changes to make is to simply swap out your meats for healthier ones. Try to avoid red meats, especially pork because of the high sodium content. Also, red meat is harder for your body to digest and can cause digestive issues. If you have to choose red meat, choose lean meat. Swap out whole milk for nonfat, regular condiments for the "light" or "less fat" versions, and white bread or rice for wheat bread or brown rice.

5. Transform Leftovers

If you have leftover rice and grains can be transformed into a stir-fry or heated up with a new protein. Cooked chicken or turkey can be transformed into a topping for salad, added to a sandwich, or added in a taco shell for taco night! Roasted veggies can be added to an omelet or as pizza toppings or used in a stir-fry with your leftover rice.

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