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More About Us

How We Got Here

Brittni Maitland is the founder and owner of BritFit, a company that provides various services to help people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Brittni came up with the idea of BritFit after the birth of her son in 2018. She realized that she had unhealthy eating habits and lacked the motivation to exercise. To change that, she began her own journey towards health and lost 74lbs between September 2018 and June 2019 through proper nutrition and exercise. Encouraged by her success, she decided to help others in her community achieve their health goals.

BritFit offers a range of services, including Herbalife nutrition products, virtual exercise programs, fitness programs, meal preparation guides, meal preparation services, organizing and cleaning services, mental health awareness programs, and postpartum education programs. Since its inception, BritFit has helped numerous people achieve their weight-loss and wellness goals.

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