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Healthy Kids, Living Healthy Lives

BritFit believes that we can instill healthy living in children at a young age in a fun and enthusiastic way to make fitness fun for kids. BritFit has partnered with Maitland Conservatory to incorporate fitness and music to encourage children to live healthy lives. We have morning and evening classes. Click below to join the class of your choice!

Music & Movement

Incorporating music & Physical Activity to encourage children in an enthusiastic and fun way to live healthy, active lives.

Our Standard

Our teacher, Brittni Moreno is a Certified Alabama Certified Highly Qualified Teacher whit 10+ years of teaching experience. We follow the Alabama Developmental Standards for Preschool & Elementary Children: develop and demonstrate strength and coordination of large muscles, use a variety of musical instruments, rhythms, and songs to develop creative expression, participate in creative music and movement activities, and identify and appreciate different types of music from various cultures.